Bonding technique is certainly the more streamlined processes of assembly, so a market with real capacity for expansion.

Since 1993 we have been working in this direction, and today, we have real knowledge in this area and we strive to further develop it and make it serve our customers.

Our main objective: to respond to the international level, with competent and committed employees to meet the expectations of our customers in everything related to adhesives, chemicals, offering non-stop service.

The international nature of MAGMONT born to satisfy the requirements of our customers quickly and effectively, innovating to answer the changing needs and personalizing the MAGMONT experience for each client. Quality control is one of the principles of our company. This set is based on our relationship SERVICE-QUALITY-PRICE.

MAGMONT has about 200 products that makes easier the manufacturing of many products in fields as diverse as automotive, electronics, construction, electromechanical or general industry.